Safe Hands – And How To Find Them

In my professional opinion selecting someone to carry out your facial aesthetics procedures is as important as selecting a life partner.

That’s a big, bold statement to make, I know, but I believe you should never underestimate the importance of getting it right when it comes to the person you’re entrusting to make aesthetic changes – and hopefully enhancements at that – to your face or body.

So whenever I have time to flick through the newspapers these are headlines that strike fear in me…

Botox Injections

“Patients put at risk over Botox jabs” and “‘Aesthetics consultant’ who offered me treatment minutes after we met”.

The words scream out why, why why? Continue reading

My Travel Must-Haves: Wax Ear Plugs, Water And a Pot Noodle

Throughout the year, my international training assignments and other overseas projects regularly see me boarding a plane and often flying through several time zones.

As the destinations get more far-flung – recent ones have included Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia – I see prepping for the actual journey as important as packing for the actual event when I’ll be required to share my expertise and techniques in facial aesthetics with other doctors.

As well as seeing my patients in the clinic back here in Glasgow, these overseas experiences are a fascinating and hugely enjoyable part of my workload.

I’m not going to say I’m a seasoned traveller, but I’ve done it often enough – I reckon I’ve trained in more than 30 countries so far – to know exactly what I must pack.

My onboard baggage is without question one of the keys to a successful overseas trip. So what exactly is inside my bag of tricks to see me safely, sanely and healthily through the flight? Continue reading